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Powerball Wrist Ball with LED indicator variants

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Color: Black Without LED

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with the Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer LED Gyroscope

At Morgan and Bailey, we are thrilled to introduce the Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer, a versatile product designed to elevate your outdoor and gym workouts. Our brand is all about embracing the potential of the great outdoors and pushing the boundaries of fitness, and the Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer aligns perfectly with our vision.

Conquer Every Challenge: Your Ultimate Forearm Exercise Companion

The Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer is a game-changer when it comes to improving wrist, grip, and arm strength. With an impressive maximum rotation speed of 12,000 rpm, it generates a staggering 32kg of resistance. It's undoubtedly the must-have product for those seeking to dominate their forearm exercises and enhance their overall performance in outdoor activities like rock climbing, cycling, and more.

Adaptability at Its Finest: Slow and Steady or Fast and Intense

Whether you're recovering from an injury and require gentle rehabilitation or aiming to take your workouts to the next level, the Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer has got you covered. The slow rotation setting is perfect for gentle muscle relaxation and rehabilitation, providing the support you need to get back into your favorite outdoor adventures. On the other hand, you can kick it up a notch with fast rotations for up to 60 seconds, delivering an intense workout that challenges your limits and drives you closer to your fitness goals.

Unparalleled Engineering: Durable, Compact, and Stylish

Crafted with precision, the Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer boasts a stainless steel chrome-plated housing, ensuring its durability for long-lasting performance in the great outdoors and the toughest gym sessions. Moreover, being 10% smaller than other models, it offers superior portability, fitting perfectly into your gym bag or backpack.

Elevate Your Performance Across Activities

From conquering rocky terrains to dominating the tennis court, the Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer is the ultimate companion for athletes and adventurers alike. Strengthen and repair your muscles with ease, and feel the difference in your performance across various activities like squash, cycling, and more.

Ready for Adventure: Your Family Training Essential

Our LED Gyroscope Wrist Ball Trainer is not just for individual athletes; it's perfect for family training sessions as well. Encourage your loved ones to join in on the fun and fitness, creating memories while pushing boundaries together.

Discover the Power of the Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer Today

Whether you're a seasoned gym enthusiast or an outdoor adventure seeker, the Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer is a must-have addition to your arsenal. Explore new heights of strength and endurance and embrace the potential of your fitness journey with Morgan and Bailey.


  • Type: Wrist ball
  • Function: Muscle relaxer
  • Name: Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer LED Gyroscope
  • Type: Sports Equipment
  • Suitable for: Fishing, gym, paddling, kayaking, squash, cycling, and rock climbing
  • Feature: Family Training
  • Gym accessories: Yes

Embrace the freedom of a fitter and more adventurous you, and cast off the limits with the Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer. Take the first step towards greatness and conquer new horizons with our exceptional sports equipment.

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