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Mini Outdoor BBQ

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Color: with a Storage Bag

Your Ultimate Companion for Outdoor Adventures: The Mini Outdoor Portable Firewood Stove

At Morgan and Bailey, we are dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with top-quality gear for their thrilling escapades. Our Mini Outdoor Portable Firewood Stove is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear collection, designed to elevate your picnics, camping trips, festival experience and travels.

Durability and Convenience in One: Crafted from Stainless Steel

Crafted from premium stainless steel, this compact stove is built to withstand the demands of the great outdoors. Experience the confidence of a reliable cooking companion that won't let you down during your outdoor adventures.

Compact and Portable: Foldable Design for Easy Storage

We understand the importance of convenient gear for your outdoor journeys. The Mini Outdoor Portable Firewood Stove features a folding design, allowing you to store and carry it with ease. Embrace portability without compromising on performance.

Safety First: Integrated Pull-Out Ash Tray

Safety is paramount during outdoor cooking, and our stove ensures a hazard-free experience. The integrated pull-out ashtray effectively prevents ash from falling, providing peace of mind as you cook and enjoy the outdoors.

Effortless Operation: Easy Switch and Furnace Management

Simplicity is key, and our stove makes outdoor cooking a breeze. The easy-to-use switch allows you to open and close the furnace mouth effortlessly. You can add firewood and charcoal easily, and the sturdy furnace door supports long firewood without any concerns of it falling.

Optimal Airflow: Enhancing Fire-Lighting and Maintenance

The thoughtful air inlet design on the furnace side ensures easy fire-lighting and consistent maintenance of your fire. Embrace a seamless cooking experience, whether you're barbecuing, boiling water, or preparing a delectable outdoor meal.


- Material: Stainless steel

- Size: 210x145x140mm / 8.3x5.7x5.5in (deployed), 210x150mm / 8.3x5.9in (Folded)

- Capacity: Medium

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity: Versatility at Its Finest

From barbecues to boiling water, our Mini Outdoor Portable Firewood Stove has got you covered. Embrace the freedom to cook up delicious meals and enjoy warm beverages during your outdoor expeditions.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Experiences

With Morgan and Bailey, every outdoor adventure becomes an unforgettable journey. Prioritize quality gear and experience the joy of seamless outdoor cooking with our Mini Outdoor Portable Firewood Stove.

Get Your Stove Today

Prepare for your next outdoor cooking adventure with confidence. Don't miss out on the convenience, durability, and efficiency our Mini Outdoor Portable Firewood Stove offers. Add it to your outdoor gear essentials and elevate your outdoor experiences.


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